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[Chromium] Patch (about Issue 19466) has been accepted.

Issue 19466 : Dropped-down navigation is listed far away from Arrow keys.


Dropped-down navigation is listed far away from Arrow keys.

This is the patch related to the issue 6878

*** How to produce the bug ***

1. Execute browser with non-maximized.

2. Navigate to some (one or more) pages in the same tab. (To make the navigation history)

3. Move the browser to the left direction till the part of the left arrow button (back button) is put outside of the screen.

4. Click the right mouse button on the left arrow button.

5. The popup menu is displayed not on the click position but on the wrong position.

*** The reason of the bug ***

The popup menu is actually displayed by TrackPopupMenuEx() in the Menu::RunMenuAt(). TrackPopupMenuEx
receives the start position (x, y) by arguments.

In normal case (0 < x < screen_width, 0 < y < screen_height), it creates the popup menu on the specified position.
But when the x value is below zero (0 > x), it displays the popup menu on the wrong position.

This is why above bug is produced.

*** How to fix it ***

Check the x value before it is sent to the TrackPopupMenuEx(). When it has the value below the zero, modify the
value to the zero (0) so the minus value is not delivered to the function.

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