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[Chromium] Patch (about Issue 5695) has been accepted.

Issue 5695 : Context menu for title bar doesn't appear when a tab's context menu was open.

Fixed at Revision 9761.


Reported by, Dec 18, 2008

Chrome Version :

What steps will reproduce the problem?

1. Open the context menu for a tab of your choice

2. Right-click on the title bar

What is the expected result?

The application context menu should show up.

What happens instead?

Nothing (The tab's context menu is correctly closed, of course).

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  1. I watned to spend a minute to thank you for this.

  2. and Google Chrome both using webkit. The V8 innege integrated in Google Chrome is just transition from webkit and therefore some of the web pages cannot executes properly. So, if you wanna open up certain old script, you need to use Mozilla Firefox as an alternative to solve your problem instantly…by the way, i hope this solution may help you in the future.

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